Azure Availability Monitoring Made Simple at AzureServiceMon

Today we are excited to announce the Beta 1 release of our new Azure availability monitoring service – AzureServiceMon.Com.  We’ve taken all of the great IP and architecture that we’ve used at Office365Mon.Com to build a very powerful, yet incredibly simple to use, service for monitoring the availability of your Microsoft Azure resources.

Getting started is quite simple and for most folks will literally only take a minute or two to get up and running.  You’ll go in and create a new AzureServiceMon subscription, and then tell us to go inventory the list of resources you have with your Azure subscription.  Go grab a cup of coffee, but be quick about it because it normally only takes a minute for us to inventory all of your Azure resources.  Then it’s as simple as checking boxes next to the types of resources that you want us to monitor.  Here’s an example:


After that, well…you’re basically done!  We start our monitoring thing at that point.  You get all of the same great notification options as we have at Office365Mon – emails, text messages, and webhook notifications.  Once we’ve started monitoring, almost immediately you’ll be able to get a snapshot view of what’s going on when you visit your My Info page:


With a quick glance here, I can see I have one or more Traffic Manager outages that are occurring, and if I click on that item it will expand to show me the latest status of each of my Traffic Manager resources so I can see exactly what’s going on.

We also start out with a nice collection of reports for you to use that display summary data for all of the health checks we perform and outages we track.  This includes a great pivot table view of your data, so you can quickly and easily slice and dice your numbers by things like resource Location, resource group, Azure resource type, etc.  Here’s a quick example with a variety of slicers and counts:


There’s a lot here to get started with, but as is always our goal, we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible to get going and start using it.  Everyone can use it for free during the beta release, and if you check out our Beta 1 Readme PDF, you’ll see how you can sign up to get additional free months of monitoring after we complete our beta cycle.

These kinds of releases are also always the best time to give us your feedback about what you like or what you would like to see.  It gives you an opportunity to help shape the service into something that works well for you.

So, for monitoring the availability of your Azure resources, go check out today and click on the big Start Now link to get started.  For monitoring Office 365, go to and use our Start Now link there.

As always, we appreciate your feedback and look forward to building another great monitoring service for you.

From Sunny Phoenix,



Azure Services Monitoring Beta Sign Up

Over the last few years Office365Mon began life as a service to monitor Office 365, and grew from nothing to one of the leading solutions available today.  One of the keys to our growth has been a willingness to listen to customers about what they want, but more importantly – ACT upon what our customers want.  One of the things we’ve heard many times is “we want to monitor our Azure services too”.  Well, as I’ve had the good luck to say many times here, “you ask, we deliver”.

Here at Office365Mon we are in the process of working to bring you a new comprehensive monitoring solution for Microsoft Azure services.  This new service is going to focus primarily on monitoring the availability of key services in Azure.  At launch, we expect to have monitoring available for more than a dozen different kinds of resources, such as SQL Azure databases, web apps, virtual machines, CDNs, event hubs, the Search service, Service Bus, and more.  We also have plans for many additional services, and will be building and deploying them over time.

During the course of building and growing Office365Mon, we built our service entirely on Azure Active Directory and a wide ranging set of Azure services.  Over time we’ve built up quite an appreciation and understanding of these services.  We’re able to take our proven scalable and secure architecture we use for monitoring Office 365 and apply it directly to monitoring these Azure services.  This should give you a high degree of confidence based on the longstanding quality of Office365Mon.

We expect this service – named AzureServiceMon – to beta launch later this summer.  Now is the chance for you to sign up for the beta and see for yourself first hand what it can do.  Getting signed up is quite simple – just go to our new site at and click the Sign Up link.

I hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to try it out and give us feedback on what works well, what needs more work, and what additional features YOU would like to see.  Feedback from customers like you is what drives the many features you see in our services today.  If you have any questions, you can send them to us at

From Sunny Phoenix,