Azure Performance and Availability Monitoring Released at AzureServiceMon.Com

After a great beta test period, we are happy to announce the general availability of AzureServiceMon.  AzureServiceMon provides performance and availability monitoring for your Microsoft Azure cloud resources.  It’s built on the same proven enterprise class architecture of Office365Mon.Com to provide you the most secure and scalable monitoring solution around.

We’ve also tried to stay true to the design and user experience principals that have made Office365Mon so successful, which is to make everything super simple and very quick to get up and going.  After you create your AzureServiceMon subscription, you tell us where you want notifications to go, grant us permission to monitor your Azure resources, and that’s pretty much it.  We take it from there and do an immediate inventory of all of your Azure resources.  Then you can simply check boxes next to the types of Azure resources you want us to monitor, as you see here:


After that, we continue to regularly inventory your set of Azure resources.  That – again – makes it super simple for you, because as you add and/or remove web sites, databases, virtual machines, etc., you never need to come back and configure monitoring for it.  We automatically pick up on those changes and will take care of it for you.

After you’ve set up the types of resources you want us to monitor for outages, you can configure how you want the performance monitored.  Doing that is also designed to be quite simple, so you merely tell us what thresholds to look for when monitoring different metrics of your Azure resources.  Here’s a sample screenshot:


As you can see, all you need to do is check the box to monitor the metrics for a particular type of resource, and then set thresholds at which you want to get alerted.  For example, in the screenshot above it is configured so that if the average response time of pages in my web sites exceeds 22 seconds, I will get alerted.  There are different metrics that can be measured for each type of Azure resource, so you just click on the section title – like “SQL Database Metrics” – to expand it, then set up your monitoring thresholds.  Again – we do the rest.  When you add or remove Azure resources, we keep track of that and will monitor the performance on all of them.

All of this availability and performance data rolls up into our report gallery, which features over a dozen reports, pivot tables and pivot charts.  Here’s a snapshot of our gallery:


In addition to that, when you are also monitoring Office 365 with Office365Mon, you can use our new Cloud Command Center view to get the latest outage and performance information across all of your Microsoft cloud services, as shown here:


You can see your latest Office 365 outages, latest Azure outages, latest Office 365 performance metrics, current Office 365 availability, current Azure resource availability, and latest Azure metric alerts.  It’s all wrapped up in one simple view.

If all of these reports aren’t enough, we’re also working now on a new Power BI dashboard to display all of your Azure performance and availability monitoring data.  Expect that within the next couple of months.

We hope you’ll take a couple of minutes to try out AzureServiceMon and see how it can give you tremendous insights into your Azure subscription.  Combine it with Office 365 monitoring from Office365Mon and you have a true end to end pulse on the health of all of your Microsoft cloud services.  You can get started today by visiting and clicking the big Start Now link on the home page.  That will start a trial subscription that you can use for 45 days and try every part of the AzureServiceMon service.  We never take any payment information up front, so you can simply try it out.  If you like it, you can convert it to a paid subscription; if you don’t, there’s nothing else you need to do – we’ll just stop monitoring your Azure subscription for you.

As always, thanks for the many great ideas and suggestions you all have provided to us to help build a really comprehensive set of monitoring services.  I hope you’ll keep them coming, because we read each and every one of them and incorporate many of these wishes into our services.

From Sunny Phoenix,


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