New Year-Over-Year Reporting at Office365Mon

We just released a mini-feature that our long and loyal customer base will appreciate.  For those of you not following closely, we opened the doors to our service just about a year ago.  One of the things that means is that for customers who have been with us since the beginning, you will be able to take advantage of new Year-over-Year data in your My Info reporting.

For those of you not familiar with the My Info page at Office365Mon.Com, it’s what we call the 360° view of your tenant.  You get the basic info we know about you, the absolute latest status for your tenant resources that we are monitoring for you, the recent status of all of your features and feature services as reported by Microsoft, the latest messages that Microsoft has sent to your Office 365 Service Health Dashboard, a chart with your availability info for the month, and a Tweet link to share with the world exactly how you’re doing.

What we’ve done is to update the charting feature on the My Info page so that you can compare your up-time data for the current month with what it was one year ago.  It’s always interesting to see how things compare over time, and this is a really nice quick snapshot of what things look like side-by-side.  Here’s an example of how your chart will look once you’ve been a customer for a year:


As you see, if you really only want to see the data for the current month then it’s easy enough to click the box and turn off the data for the prior year.  We thought it was kind of a neat feature though, and a nice little reminder of how far we’ve come.  We hope you’ll enjoy this little feature, but remember – you can always get:

  • LOADS of reports in the Basic Reports and Advanced Reports options
  • Download raw report data as a CSV file so you can open it in Excel and create your own reports like this or anything else you want
  • Programmatically retrieve data with our Report Data REST API endpoints and create your own dashboards or pull the data into your own reporting systems
  • Use Power BI in Office 365 for the ultimate in reporting power and customization

That’s all for now.  We’re busy working on some great new features as we speak, but as always, please send any ideas, suggestions and feedback to  We love to hear from you!

From Sunny Phoenix,



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