Newly Released – Analyze your Office 365 Outage Data in Power BI

We’re very happy today to announce the release of new integration between the Office365Mon reporting data and Power BI in Office 365. Office365Mon is used to monitor your SharePoint Online and Exchange Online tenants. Along the way it captures quite a bit of data related to outages in your tenants as well as performance data. There are several basic and advanced reports supplied with your Office365Mon subscription, but we wanted to dial things up a notch and give you even more flexibility to create the reports you want for your business.

To support that vision we partnered with Microsoft recently to build a Power BI content pack for your Office365Mon report data. The content pack has just been published and now is available for all Power BI users in Office 365. Here’s a screenshot of the dashboard:

This of course just serves as the starting point. You can customize the dashboard and reports as much as you like. You can also drill into these dashboard reports for greater detail, like you see here with the performance data:

The Power BI team published a great blog on the integration with Office365Mon so check it out for additional details and instructions for getting it set up for yourself: To generate the data for the content pack you just need to create an Office365Mon subscription. When you do, you’ll be an admin for the subscription, and then when you sign into Power BI using that same account you used to create your Office365Mon subscription you can create your dashboard.

We hope you find this new level of reporting and integration provides you a great view and insight into the quality of your Office 365 services.

From sunny Phoenix,


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