Updates and New Features at Office365Mon in August

Hi all,

The August end of month update is coming a bit late…here you will find a quick recap of what we have been up to.

August Stats

First, thanks to your continued referrals and support, Office365Mon has grown to be a popular service among Office 365 customers.  You can see the August recap below.  At 99.9% overall uptime, August was a good month.  However, 9 of our customers missed their SLA in August, so be in the know.

Office 365 Service Status Push Notifications

Have you ever wished there was a way to receive notifications when the Office 365 Service Status has an update?  Yes, you heard it right, sign-up for Office365Mon and you not only get push notifications when our health probes detect a failure in your Office 365 tenant, but you get notified via TXT and alternate email when Microsoft makes an update on the Office 365 Service Status Portal.  It took a significant partnership with Microsoft and Office365Mon to make it happen, please take advantage of this awesome feature!

Office365Mon is Coming to a Server Near You

Office365Mon as a product has been growing in response to your feedback.  Many of you have asked for an extension of our cloud service that runs on-premise on your servers. We listened, and the beta for it is now in full swing.  If you are interested please let us and we will get you in.  The on-premise feature of Office365Mon rounds out a 360-degree view of your tenancy by covering your network, ISP and other components that are not touched by our cloud probes. Roll it out as soon as we release it!


Keep Your Subscriptions Current

Did you know that we never store your credentials?  It means you have to periodically renew the access token used by Office365Mon to monitor your tenancy.  If you don’t, we can no longer monitor your SharePoint Online sites and Exchange Online mailboxes.  Please visit https://office365mon.com/Signup/Status and ensure everything is GREEN.  If not, follow the simple instructions on the page and you will be in the know again.   🙂

Sssh…..a Super Cool Feature for Your Millennials Coming 

We have a super cool feature in the work to reduce the Helpdesk volume, support cost and improve the appeal of IT to the younger generation in your user base.  We expect this feature to go live in October.  We are putting on a Webcast about the feature and are interested in getting your feedback. If you are intrigued, please send an email to support@office365mon.com and we will send the webcast invite.  As always, we are not selling anything, this is your opportunity to influence our future roadmap.  Hope to hear from you soon!

Bye ‘til October

Thanks to your support the momentum continues at Office365Mon.  We added over 70 customers in August without spending a single penny on marketing.  Thank you for your support.  As always, we’re eager to hear from you, whether it’s just to say Hi or send us feedback on the product.

From all of us here in sunny Phoenix,


mail: speschka@office365mon.com
follow us on twitter @office365mon
regular updates on our blog


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