Office365Mon is Making it Easier to Get Help During Outages and Getting Refunds When You’ve Earned Them

We’ve recently rolled out a couple of new features that we think will continue to make things just a little easier for all you that are responsible for your Office 365 tenants. The first one just makes it easier to connect and get going when there is an outage. Our outage email notifications now include a link to open a support case with Microsoft directly. The links are smart enough to open a support ticket for Exchange Online when there is an email issue, or SharePoint Online if there is a collaboration issue. Our goal, as always, is to try and simplify things and get you moving forward to resolving your issue as soon as possible.

The other feature is based on feedback that we’ve received from a few customers. As I’ve said many times before, we LOVE getting feedback from all of you and IT DOES work its way back into the product in the form of new features. In this case, we’ve had questions from folks that wonder what to do when their overall uptime for a given month drops below their guaranteed Service Level Agreement of 99.9% from Microsoft. Well, wonder no more. 🙂

From now on when you go to your My Info page at, if your monthly availability is below 99.9% then you will get a nice little alert, complete with links for you to use:

If you click the link to open a service request then it opens the page where you can submit a request for a refund. Just select these two options on the page:

You’ll also notice that we include a link to the Microsoft Online Services Level Agreement.  You can download that document to find out more information about the service levels that Microsoft guarantees, how they determine when to give a refund and how much of a refund to give, etc.

In addition to this, we always send out an email at the start of the month that shows what your availability was for the previous month. If any of the resources we’re monitoring for you have fallen below 99.9% then the email will include these same links so you can quickly and easily open a support ticket to request a refund.

We hope these features make it a little bit easier to get through these outages and keep you in the know and in control.

From all of us here in sunny Phoenix,


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