July Recap, Features and Pricing for Office365Mon

Hi all,

It has been roughly a month since our last update. Besides the big Exchange Online downtime on July 15th, a lot has been happening here at Office365Mon.com. Here you will find a quick recap of what we have been up to.

July Stats

First, thanks to your continued referrals and support, Office365Mon has grown to be a popular service among Office 365 customers. You can see the July recap below. At 99.5% overall uptime, July wasn’t the best month for Office 365. Outages happen to everyone though and what we do is put you in the know and in control.

One of the things that’s important to remember when looking at service-wide statistics, like 99.5% uptime, is that your individual uptime can vary significantly. We had some customers who had no downtime at all. We had some customers whose uptime was much worse than 99.5%. We also had a couple of customers whose numbers were very, very bad for uptime, but that’s because they’re running in a pre-release Office 365 tenant. The morale of the story here is to know your own numbers. We try and make that easy for you by sending out an email at the start of the month with your availability numbers for the previous month. Of course, you can also check these numbers for any month at any time by just going to our site and taking a look at the Advanced Reports feature.

Office 365 Partnership

We are extremely privileged to let you know that Office365Mon and Microsoft Office 365 are partnering on Service status communications. You can read all about the partnership here. We hope you check out the feature and let us know your thoughts. We are currently offering this as a “Preview” feature because the new service status API is not fully released from Microsoft yet – it is in beta. It provides us an interesting opportunity though to give our customers a very detailed 360-degree view of their tenant health. When you go to the My Info page now you can see the basic info about your Office365Mon subscription, whether we are currently monitoring an outage for any of your resources, the status of all of your Office 365 services – down to the feature level – as reported by Microsoft, all of the messages for your tenant that have been sent to the Office 365 Service Health Dashboard, and your current month tenant availability. Below is a screenshot of these features in action:

One thing to note is that Microsoft does require that you be an Office 365 tenant administrator to use this feature. You can turn it on in Office365Mon by going to your subscription Configure page and clicking the Enable button.


Features Page

Office365Mon as a product has been growing in response to your feedback. We have captured the list of our features across the respective product offerings here. You can find it under the Products tab on Office365Mon. As always, we would love to hear from you if you have any feedback or questions.

Freemium and Pricing Tiers

From the time we launched Office365Mon, many of you asked for our pricing details. Monitoring alerting, and basic reports will always be free at Office365Mon. We published a rich set of features under Pricing that we encourage you to check out. As we talked about we are bringing a set of Premium features across Advanced Reports, Report Data, Subscription Management API, and a couple that we will announce soon for one simple low price of $49 per month. You can monitor an unlimited number of resources for an unlimited number of subscriptions for one simple price.

All premium features are available for 90 days of FREE usage so you have plenty of time to evaluate those features. We have to send our kids to school too  🙂

We previously pushed the expiration date of the Premium Features to no earlier than September 1, 2015 for all of our customers, so everyone still has access to them. Take the time to kick the tires on them and check them out; we hope you find them valuable.


Office365Mon has a history of partnering with Industry’s best when we need a partner. Twilio, the world’s leader in Voice and SMS delivery, processes our text notifications. We are proud to announce that we are partnering with Stripe (www.stripe.com) for processing your payments, which you can see on our Payments page. Office365Mon has made a reputation as a mission critical application with a clear vision to never store your credentials. Along the same lines, Office365Mon will never store your credit card information.

In Closing

July has been a very productive time for Office365Mon. We added over 80 customers in July without spending a single penny on marketing. Thank you for your support. As you can see we have been hard at work through July to launch a set of updates to Office365Mon. We are always eager to hear from you, whether it’s just to say Hi or give us feedback on the product.

From all of us here in sunny Phoenix,


mail: speschka@office365mon.com
follow us on twitter @office365mon
regular updates on our blog

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