Office365Mon Partners with Microsoft Office 365

Office365Mon Partners with Microsoft Office 365

Hi everybody,

We could not have picked a more appropriate day to announce this. Office 365 Exchange customers experienced a pretty big outage yesterday and this post is a testament to Microsoft’s commitment to increase transparency to service health for all our customers.

Office365Mon is partnering with Microsoft Office 365 to be one of the early adopters of the Office 365 Service Status Communications API. In today’s post, we will share a bit more about our vision and, details of the integration and how you can take advantage of it at

Office365Mon Vision

Office365Mon is all about successful cloud transformation for your organization – to be in the know and in control of your cloud tenancy.  Our vision is to build the most complete picture of your cloud tenancy across four sets of signals:

  • Our synthetic probes from the cloud and On-Premise
  • What your peer tenants know
  • What your users know, and
  • What Microsoft Office 365 knows about your tenancy

Today, we are taking a significant step towards integrating what Microsoft Office 365 knows about your tenancy.

Office 365 Service Status Communications API integration

Being Microsoft Office 365 customers, most of you are already familiar with the Microsoft Office 365 Service Health dashboard.  Microsoft Office 365 has done an outstanding job providing transparency to service issues affecting your tenancy with updates to the Service Health Dashboard.  Microsoft is in the process of exposing Service Status data via a set of APIs.  Office365Mon has been privileged to partner with Microsoft in the development and validation of these APIs.  Today, we are proud to announce the availability of our integration with Microsoft Office 365 Service Status Communications APIs to all our customers.

With this integration, in addition to service uptime information from our probes you can also see fine grained status on services as known to Microsoft Office 365.

Enabling Office 365 Service Communications API integration

It’s extremely simple to configure your Office365Mon account with Office 365 Service Communications API.  Login to with an account that is an Office 365 Tenant Administrator, navigate to the Configure tab and simply click the Enable button as shown below.

If you already have an Office365Mon subscription configured with an account that isn’t an Office 365 Tenant Administrator, you can add the tenant admin as a delegated administrator for your existing Office365Mon subscription.  Instructions here.

Once you have successfully configured the Office 365 Service Communications API, you will see your Office365Mon My Info page refreshed with Service Status information from Office 365!

One more thing…

It would be a remiss if we didn’t take this opportunity to thank the amazing folks at Microsoft Office 365 Product and Marketing who made this partnership happen.  We thank you for your technical guidance and assistance through all aspects of making this launch happen.  We are humbled.

On behalf of everyone at (too) sunny Phoenix,



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