Office365Mon – We’re All About the Developers

The first big push in getting a cloud service company up and going is creating a set of compelling features. We started slim at Office365Mon with our first release and have been rapidly iterating to include both features we had originally envisioned as well as respond to feedback from our customers. With a robust feature set in place (although still – and always – growing), we shifted focus the last several weeks to open up all the power of the platform to all sorts of customization scenarios. The way we do that is by building an industrial strength development story on top of our application platform. The releases at the end of May and in June deliver on that promise, and now we’re ready for developers, developers, developers!

Office365Mon Reporting Data API

Our first developer API that we delivered provides access to reporting data. As I described in last month’s update, the Report Data feature really has a couple of hooks – if you just want to download CSV files with your report data, you can go to the Office365Mon site and Explore the Report Data feature. In there you will find CSV files that are the basis for all of the reports you see in the Basic and Advanced Reports galleries. We also opened this data stream for developers at the same time. By using a RESTful API we built on top of this, your developers can programmatically pull down report data in either CSV or JSON format. One of the requests we hear from time to time is about companies that want to store huge archives of data around their Office365Mon monitoring. We have certain constraints we apply at Office365Mon in order to be able to provide reporting to customers quickly and cheaply, and that impacts how much data we keep on hand at any one time. By using our reporting API developers can easily pull down data for their Office365Mon subscriptions and import it into their own data warehouse for long term analysis of their tenants. We make it simple too, with detailed documentation and code samples to get you up and running quickly.

Office365Mon Subscription Management API

We built on the momentum from the Reporting Data API with the release of the Subscription Management API in June. This was a pretty large piece of work and it in effect gives you an API on top of every configurable knob we have in Office365Mon. Want to create another Office365Mon subscription? No problem. Want to change the administrators of your subscription? Got you covered. Want to add or remove notification addresses – email addresses and phone numbers for text messages? You can do that too. The list keeps going though. Want to add a SharePoint Online site or Exchange Online mailbox for us to monitor? You can do that, as well of course as removing them. Do you need to update your consent on them (something Azure Active Directory requires you to do every 90 days)? We got you covered there too. You can use our API to issue your own health checks against a site or mailbox we are monitoring for you, or even use our platform to issue a health check against ANY SharePoint Online site or Exchange Online mailbox you have rights to. That’s some pretty cool stuff. While there’s value in exposing this functionality even for folks that just have only one Office 365 tenant, for those of you that have multiple tenants, or that manage support for many, many tenants (such as an Office 365 reseller), this is a great feature. It makes it extremely easy and quick to add subscriptions for new tenants, configure them, and have us start monitoring them for you. This is also something we make very easy for you to jump into, with:

Monitoring Summary

We continue to grow our customer base in double digit percentages month over month. That means we’re sending out more and more health probes each month but with our scalable service we keep running along quite nicely. Here’s this month’s infographic with some of the interesting numbers from June: On the heels of all this, we already have another big push of features coming soon, so be on the lookout for that, we think you’re going to like it. As always, if you have ideas or suggestions please send them our way to On behalf of your Office365Mon crew in sunny Phoenix, AZ, -Steve mail: follow us on twitter @office365mon regular updates on our blog

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