Managing Your Office365Mon Subscriptions the Automated Way – Announcing the Subscription Management API

One of the things we’ve invested a lot of time in recently is making Office365Mon a great place for Office 365 resellers too, in addition to all of our customers that just have one or two subscriptions. The first feature set we released to support this was the report data feature. That allows you to download the raw data we use for our reports as CSV files from our site. In addition to that, we added a REST API that lets you programmatically retrieve that same data in a JSON or CSV format. Today we released the second major feature set for folks with several tenants, and that is the Subscription Management API.

The Subscription Management API adds a REST endpoint for just about every single thing you can do in the browser when configuring your subscription. That includes:

  • Create a subscription
  • Get a subscription
  • Update a subscription
  • Get your subscriptions
  • Get subscription administrators
  • Add a subscription administrator
  • Delete a subscription administrator
  • Get subscription notifications
  • Add a subscription notification
  • Delete a subscription notification
  • Get subscription resources
  • Add a subscription resource
  • Delete a subscription resource
  • Update the access token for a subscription resource
  • Issue a health probe for a resource
  • Issue a health probe for any Office 365 resource

The only thing you can’t do with the API is the Azure consent process that allows us to monitor your resources. Azure doesn’t expose a way to do this programmatically, so we decided against trying to make one up ourselves. J This new API makes the scripting of new Office365Mon subscriptions a snap though, which in turn makes it incredibly easy to plug in free 24×7 monitoring of your SharePoint Online and Exchange Online tenants.

There’s a bunch of documentation and code samples to help you get going as well. Here are a few things you need to know to get started:

If you are an Office 365 reseller, want to automate the process of setting up an Office365Mon subscription, or even just refreshing the ability for Office365Mon to monitor your resources, the new Subscription Management API has something in there for you. I encourage you to take a look at it and as always, if you want more, just ask!

On behalf of your Office365Mon crew in sunny Phoenix, AZ,


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