Office365Mon – Gaining Momentum

It’s always interesting to pull together a summary of what’s happened the previous month at a new business. The process of getting through each day and week is like a mini fire drill several times over during start up times. Summarizing all those little drills into some very specific and tangible numbers is always something of an eye opening exercise. This month at Office365Mon it’s all about the growth.

Office365Mon Customer Growth

You always wonder before you launch something new whether it will be accepted, and if so how quickly. At Office365Mon we started out with very good acceptance, and in reviewing our customer base in May it’s obvious that the word is continuing to spread. Our growth in customers from April to May was about 43%. That’s a huge number! As I’ve said many times before though, why wouldn’t you want to use a service like this – free notifications when your SharePoint Online or Exchange Online tenants go down? That’s zero cost and zero risk for you to be able to know literally the minute your tenant goes down. If you’re not in the know, you’re not in control.

Office365Mon Health Probe Scaling

The topic of scaling may sound like something that only an IT nerd would care about, but when you look at just the raw numbers it’s impressive no matter who you are. By the end of May we had issued nearly 13 million health probes. When have you ever done a million of anything, let alone 13? All those health probes though are how we keep track of all the tenants for all of our customers. We spent a lot of time on that nerdy IT stuff precisely so we can scale to these kinds of numbers and we have a ton of headroom left to keep growing. Given our customer growth momentum, that’s a good thing.

Our Office365Mon infographic for May shows some of the most interesting numbers we dug up this month. Anyone use their Office365Mon data to get a refund of some of your Office 365 charges (yeah, we did this – see

Feature Investments

One of the bigger areas of investment in May was around reporting. Not only did we go from 3 reports to 11, we also turned on a new feature that allows you to download your raw reporting data as CSV files so you can build your own reports in Excel. In addition to that, we also built a REST API that allows you to programmatically download your report data. You can use that to write your own code to pull down the data and publish it internally, save it to your own database, plug it into your own reporting pipeline, or whatever else you want to do with it. Not only is this great for everyone that has a single Office 365 tenant, it’s really helpful if you are an Office 365 reseller and you need to monitor several tenants. In fact a lot of the work we’re doing right now is specifically designed to help out those folks and make using Office365Mon even easier.

We’re continuing to churn out new features and we have a big backlog of things we’ll be continuing to roll out. Many of these features have been added based on feedback from you, our customers, so if you have ideas or suggestions please send them our way to

On behalf of your Office365Mon crew in sunny Phoenix, AZ,


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