Your Office365Mon Requests Turning into Features

Office365Mon is now open to public.  Monitoring and Alerting are free for the lifetime of your service.  Our first 100 sign-ups received activation codes for a year of free access to the Premium Features.  If you missed the early sign-up, we still give you 90 days of free access to Premium Features, so you have a chance to see whether the service is a good fit for you.

If you have not activated your invitation, please do so.  The instructions were in the mail that we sent out.  If you have not received the invitation mail from with the subject “Your Office365Mon.Com Monitoring is Ready to Start!”, let me know and I will follow up.  Your invitation qualifies for a full year of access to Premium features.  We hope you take advantage of them.

Office365Mon and the community

We envision Office365Mon to grow beyond technology into a community that is contributing to successful cloud adoption.  We appreciate such community champions reaching out with constructive feedback.

“Those of us who manage the Office 365 environment, we have all been frustrated with the lack of proactive service monitoring alerts in Office 365. Steve Peschka and his team have developed a new product that nicely fills that gap. Please check out their product at It proactively monitors Office 365 and sends you alert via email or text when there is any issue or outage. The setup is really easy and there is no need for additional hardware or software.”

Sal Bawany Chief Solutions Architect

…this is a service that every Office 365 customer on the planet should be using. It’s that important. It’s good for customers, it’s good for Microsoft and it’s good for what matters most, our users…”  full blog

Spencer Harbar

On that note, could you write back to me about one feature that you want to see in Office365Mon?  We would love to build it for you.  It’s our way of evolving Office365Mon to exactly fit your needs.

New features added up in the last week

It’s week 2 and our engineering team has been quickly and happily adding new features and fixes:

    • More cloud capacity: It’s internal but we’re glad to share that we have now secured dedicated Azure Capacity to run Office365Mon.  It gives us predictable monitoring and alerting infrastructure.
    • Notifying you when we cannot probe your resources:  If there are any reasons why we cannot probe the resources successfully, we will alert you.  A good monitoring system, monitors itself J
    • Bug fixes: Our community reported a couple of bugs and we responded quickly to fix them and deploy it out to production.  Thanks to patrik and CJ for reporting them
    • Security hardening: We made some proactive security investments to further reduce the risk profile of Office365Mon. See our post for details
    • De-provisioning: Whether you made a mistake or simply decided Office365Mon isn’t for you, we believe you should be in control.  You now have a Remove option available in the configure page
  • New reports: We talked about “cooler” reports coming, we got the first of the series deployed.  Please try them and let us know what more do you need to see be in the know

Many of you have asked to be able to manage multiple Office365Mon subscriptions from a single account.  We are hard at work building that for you and expect to have news to share on that front very soon.  Stay tuned!

As always

If you have any trouble with Office365Mon or you want to reach us with any questions or suggestions, we are always listening at these locations.  Use the product and let us know what you need to see.  We are giving most of Office365Mon away, a service for which others charge thousands of dollars.  It will make our day if you help share the word on us.

P: +1 (844) 325-6454 Mail:
follow us on twitter @office365mon

We will do our best to make your relationship with Office365Mon successful.

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