What’s Been Happening at Office365Mon.Com

Hi from Office365Mon!

We have been hard at work to send all the activation codes out.  It has been a week after launch.  We wanted to reflect on the last couple weeks and give you an update.

First of all a BIG THANK YOU from us for your interest in Office365Mon.  We had a great reception to the product.  Basic Monitoring and Alerting will always be free from Office365Mon.  We offer a set of Premium features to have advanced analytics and IT integration which were given away for free to the first 100 sign-ups.  The 100 early sign-up giveaways of the premium features were taken in 5 days.  We very committed to empower you to be in the know and in control of your Office 365 Tenancy.

Sign-up if you haven’t already

If you have not activated your invitation, please do so.  The instructions were in the mail that we sent out.  If you have not received the invitation mail from office365monitor@office365mon.com with subject “Your Office365Mon.Com Monitoring is Ready to Start!”, let me know and I will follow up.  Your invitation qualifies for a full year of access to Premium features.  We hope you take advantage of them.

Who’s the product for?

We built this product for anyone who wants to keep a tab on the service health of their tenant OR that of a customer they work with.

  1. Service Engineer in IT who’s responsible for day to day operations
  2. Helpdesk Professional who wants to keep a tab on general service issues
  3. IT leader who obsess about the truth on the ground
  4. Support Engineer who is working with a given Office 365 customer regarding their reliability issues
  5. Member of the Customer Account Team or a PFE/CSM who is always watching out for the customer
  6. Professional at a Syndication Partner who wants to know the health of the tenancies they sold
  7. MCS/Partner professional because they are working to launch a solution soon
  8. Sales Specialist to ensure their demo tenancies are in top shape ahead of critical customer briefings
  9. Super user at your company who is typically first to help your colleagues on their tech problems
  10. All-around admin at the small business who takes care of everything from sales to IT

And more…

New features added up in the last week

We promised to keep innovating on Office365Mon.  After a very busy run up to the launch, the team went straight back to work and we have a few additional features to announce.  At no cost to you.

  • More scalable and reliable Probe Cloud infrastructure: Given the volume of sign-ups, we had to quickly expand our back-end Probing and Alerting platform into a multi-node architecture.  Thanks to our Service Fabric team for getting this done in short time.  As technology folks, we thought you would appreciate good proactive architectural habits and not wait for a bad day.
  • Reporting and Alerting Heuristics: Office 365 is a matured cloud service.  However at times there are some intermittent issues that go away in a few seconds.  We did some heuristics so you are alerted on issues that persist more than a minute and but your Month-To-Date reporting provides up to the second insight on your tenant’s health.

Many of you have asked for better graphics in the reports – Last 30 outages, Month to date SLA, Comparison to other tenant’s SLA, Average response time, Export CSV etc., are the asks that have come up so far.  We are working to bring that on as soon as possible.  Stay tuned.

We would love to hear from you

If you have any trouble with Office365Mon or you want to reach us with any questions or suggestions, we are always listening at these locations.  Use the product and let us know what you need to see.  We are giving most of Office365Mon away, a service for which others charge thousands of dollars.  It will make our day if you help share the word on us.

P: +1 (844) 325-6454 Mail: support@office365mon.com follow us on twitter @office365mon

We will do our best to make your relationship with Office365Mon successful.

On behalf of all of us at Office365Mon HQ,


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