Do You Know When Your Office365 Tenant Is Down…Because Now You Can (for free)

As you all know, I have worked extensively with customers who run On-Premise servers and those on their journey to the Cloud.  The promise of the Cloud is real but I have seen many enterprises struggle with the complexity of this transformation.  Challenges include security, compliance, loss of control, lack of visibility etc.

A frustrating problem with the Cloud is that you are the mercy of Incident Notifications from the Service Providers on the issues that may affect the health of your tenant.  The Service Provider may not know of an issue, may not post notifications on their Service Portals timely or frequently enough, and you are helpless fielding calls from frustrated users.  I have seen this happen at multiple customers during the recent outages.

I have been working with a couple of Office 365 Partners to build a Product that gets you back in the know and in control of your Office 365 tenant’s health.  We call it Office365Mon.  Office365Mon is currently in invitation only mode.  You can request an invitation at

What’s the product?

The product provides 24×7 monitoring of SharePoint Online Sites and Exchange Online Mailboxes that are hosted in Office 365.  It simulates end-user actions periodically, watching for any degradation in service health.  The product send you Email and Text based alerts if we detect any problems.  You will be in the know of your tenant’s health.  Before your users call you and before even Office 365 updates its Service Health portal.  All for free, for the lifetime of our offering.

We will be offering a set of reports – Outage, Health checks, Month-to-Date SLA, Performance, Comparison to Office 365 published uptime numbers etc.  Sign-up, use the product and let us know what you need.  We will keep adding onto the product to meet your needs.

Who’s the product for?

We built this product for anyone who wants to keep a tab on the service health of their tenant OR that of a customer they work with.

  1. Service Engineer in IT who’s responsible for day to day operations
  2. Helpdesk Professional who wants to keep a tab on general service issues
  3. IT leader who obsess about the truth on the ground
  4. Support Engineer who is working with a given Office 365 customer regarding their reliability issues
  5. Member of the Customer Account Team or a PFE/CSM who is always watching out for the customer
  6. Professional at a Syndication Partner who wants to know the health of the tenancies they sold
  7. MCS/Partner professional because they are working to launch a solution soon
  8. Sales Specialist to ensure their demo tenancies are in top shape ahead of critical customer briefings
  9. Super user at your company who is typically first to help your colleagues on their tech problems
  10. All-around admin at the small business who takes care of everything from sales to IT

And more…

How does it work?

You sign up with your Office 365 single-sign on account and we will take care of the rest.  We have written monitors that simulate end user actions.  We know how to look at unsuccessful requests.  We log the latencies of each request.  We have built heuristics to know whether the issue is transient or persistent.  We have partnered with reliable Email and Text providers like Twilio to deliver mission critical messaging when we detect any issues with your tenancies.  You can learn more at our product site.

Can I try it?

Absolutely.  Get your invitation code at  today.  We are giving away some of the premium features for the first 100 to sign-up!

One more thing

Please pass the word around.  I invested a lot of my time and we are mostly giving it away for free.  If you find it useful, please pay it forward.

I look forward to your comments, bug-reports, feature suggestion and success stories. You can send them anytime to That’s what’s going to keep us motivated 🙂

Thanks on behalf of everyone at Office365Mon HQ,


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