Windows Phone 8 Support for SharePoint and SAML

This is a fortunately small update to the post about Windows Phone 7.x and SAML SharePoint sites I originally wrote here:  I was asked today about Windows Phone 8 support for SharePoint SAML sites on both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.  Well the short and good news is that it all seems to work flawlessly.  I was able to access my SharePoint 2010 site without having to modify the web.config as I described in the above post.  Support on SharePoint 2013 was even better – when I opened the site it automatically recognized that I was using a mobile device and so it rendered a nice mobile friendly view of the site contents for me.  Not only that, but I tested my new SharePoint App that runs in a SAML site on my phone (and uses CSOM to retrieve data from a SharePoint SAML site) and it all worked flawlessly – the circle here is basically complete.  I’ll have more details in a future post on hooking up SharePoint Apps in FBA and SAML SharePoint sites to provider-hosted apps in FBA and SAML sites, but for now just wanted to report the happily uneventful news for Windows Phone 8.  I am using the Nokia Lumia 920 by the way and it has been great! 

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