Facebook DataView WebPart Code from SharePoint Conference

For those of you who attended my SPC 351 session at SharePoint Conference today (Hitting the Ground Running with Claims Authentication), there was a request for some source code.   As promised, I’m attaching a zip file with the source to the Facebook DataView WebPart I demonstrated.  It’s based on using ACS to log into a SharePoint site with Facebook authentication, and then using the Facebook Access Token (that comes in a special SAML claim) to make a request out to Facebook for the user’s public profile info.  The source code is attached for your use and enjoyment.  Hopefully the recorded SPC sessions will be posted somewhere; if not and there is sufficient demand (by my random estimate of your interest based on comments to this post) I may try and find a place to post a separate recording I did of the demo…my backup in case of network connectivity issues.


You can download the attachment here:


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