Doing The Mash with Excel Web App and SkyDrive

Hey folks, I just wanted to pass along some really very cool new features of the Excel Web App and SkyDrive.  There’s a new site up called Excel Mash Up ( that has some really interesting ways that you can upload Excel workbooks to SkyDrive and then embed them in your web site.  It also includes a bunch of slick programmability features using javascript and a nice programming model.  There are a bunch of demonstrations up on the site that you can do live, and each one is complete with source code as well as pointers to the documentation where you can get more info.  It’s really well put together, and even includes a pretty awesome demo that incorporates data from one of these Excel workbooks with Bing Maps for a little chart and map combination.  Very cool stuff!  I really encourage you to take a look at what can be done, and the fact that all of this is possible through a free SkyDrive account is just amazing.

P.S.  If I don’t talk to you all before Christmas Day, I hope everyone has a swell holiday!!  I’m already starting to plot out nuggets of information on the next version of SharePoint that I hope to being sharing with you all as soon as possible.

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