Managing Trusted Root Authorities for Claims Authentication in SharePoint 2010 Central Admin

I just thought I would create this post to raise awareness about another way to manage trusted root authorities in SharePoint 2010.  For those of you who have been doing claims authentication sites, you know that you need to add all of the certificates in the token signing certificate’s chain into SharePoint’s list of trusted sites.  All of the previous examples I’ve demonstrated in my blogs has done that through PowerShell.  To give equal coverage, I thought I would just let you all know that you can do the same thing in central administration – add, change and/or delete a trusted root authority for you token signing certificate chain.

To do this in central admin you need to go to Central Admin…Security…Manage Trust.  In that screen you will see all of the trusted root authorities that have been defined.  You can add or edit trusts by browsing for a certificate that SharePoint will upload use to establish a trust.  Just make sure you do not delete the “local” trusted certificate.  That is for SharePoint’s own internal STS.

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